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This integrated policy statement provides a framework for setting and reviewing, our quality, health, safety and environmental objectives and targets.


Quality Commitments: We are committed to compliance with requirements, and to continually improve the effectiveness of this our management systems.


Environmental Commitments: We are committed to the prevention of pollution, and to compliance with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements, to which we subscribe which relate to our environmental aspects.


Health and Safety Commitments: We are committed to compliance with applicable legal requirements and to other requirements to which the organisation subscribes that relate to our operational health and safety hazards, to the prevention of injury and ill-health, to continual improvement in operational health and safety management, and to operational health and safety performance.


Therefore, where necessary and so far as is reasonably practicable, we shall:

- Provide and maintain safe work equipment

- Establish systems of work that are safe

- Ensure safe use of hazardous substances

- Provide adequate information, instruction, training and supervision

- Maintain any workplace under our control in a safe condition


Implementation and Review: This policy statement and any relevant attachments, will be communicated to, and understood by, all persons working for and on behalf of the organisation, with the intent they are made aware of their individual obligations.


This policy statement and relevant attachments will be made available to interested parties on request. It will also be made available to the public via our website.


As a minimum, this policy statement will be reviewed annually, to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the organisation.


Signed on behalf of Protect and Preserve Ltd


Stephen Everett

Managing Director


September 2010